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I’m a Taxi Cab owner in Sweetwater County, Wyoming @ 1st Choice Jiffy Cab Taxi. I’m always trying to find new and innovative ways to help my cab company grow. I have looked into multiple E-HAIL Inc apps, automated dispatching systems, a taxi cab that has a color that stands out, anything that set me aside from my competitors.
In my opinion the biggest problem for taxi drivers all over the world is that they all work to make themselves happy not the client. They work when they want and how they want. If taxi drivers worked as if they were working for someone else they’d treat their clients better, providing a better experience for their boss the customer.
Most drivers don’t want the the small fares that add up and pay the bills at the end of the day, they want the big long distance fares. They seem to treat the regular everyday people less like a client and the big long distance fares as if the clients are famous stars, when every customer is famous star. Without our stars, we wouldn’t have any work, we would have any fares, we wouldn’t make any money.

it all goes back to the taxi drivers of yesteryear, those in large cities who were rough and tumble type of characters, there were a lot of foreigners driving then and today there are a lot more. The reputation those drivers from yesteryear gained American and none American affect the client and the taxi cab driver of today, Taxi drivers know that the average customer doesn’t respect them or the career they’ve chosen and modern day customers want to be treated as the important clients and most drivers don’t want to do that. to be a cab driver, you gotta love people not just money, you gotta be in it to provide a needed service. not just to get paid and complain about the lack of tip,
today’s cab driver has to compete with uber and lyft and the likes there of as a small town, small taxi company owner, I treat all of my clients with VIP Care, i make every attempt to show them why they should call me over uber or lyft oe any other taxi cab driver. I take care of and respect you and with that I know you’d take care and respect me, good luck in your travels and download our app if you get a chance you can find out more about us and maybe even order a ride: Order a Cab Ride Today


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